Wednesday, February 11, 2009


The reader needs to aquaint themself with the truth. The reader needs to bring awareness to their eyes. We need to become students of the art of dissent and enlightenment. We live in a bully's sphere of influence with its fear based overlordship dangling its phallic dominance over our cringing heads. Everything shaped like a dick and we stand and yawn at the marginalization of the female in every corner of this globe.

We're a a herd of sheep bahhing for protection that we don't need. But the shephard doesn't have a crook, he's got a great big dildo-headed spear that he can either ease in, if we obey, or ram on home, if we don't.

The oppressors have used a divide and conquer platform and we've taken in hook, line, and sinker. How the fuck can we think about who is enslaving us when we are so easily distracted by our fear of Muslims, our prejudices against blacks, our petrified neglect of the issue of prisons and capital punishment. We compete on every level. I commend professor Denis Rancourt who on the first day of his senior physics class announced to his students that they would all be receiving A+'s. I think his reasoning was something along the lines of his job being to help them learn not to rank them so their potential employers would have an easier job in choosing among the graduate pool. Of course he was immediately released from his duties of creating scientists. Wouldn't it be nice if teachers were more like teachers and less like assembly line workers, cranking out american zombie after american zombie ready for the work force.

Hell, I'm a B- student, here in my senior year, on my way to my degree in Bull Shit Finance. All my class mates ask me, "why in the world would you major in Finance if you are an Anarchist?". I guess you gotta know your enemy, right? Sitting through these classes I see educated americans succombing, actually i wouldn't even call it succombing, it's more like voluntarily surrendering, to a life in which their weaknesses are exploited and vulnerabilities turned into food for conformity.

What we are involved in should be a war. This is not a system of forced compliance like that of the fascist of old, this is a system of trickery. We should be at war with these fascist fucks. We can either choose to break out of this state of numbing complacency and bondage or go ahead and recycle our culture to our children and their children and so on. Like fucking machines, replacing eachother as they break down and degredation sets in, we don't progress we just look shinier and newer and we don't make as much noise when we are being used.

Anarchists, from whatever walk of the black you stride, primitivists, communists, feminists, and just plain anti-capitalists, we need to be mature enough to understand that our enemies know our weaknesses better than we do. They know how different we are from each other. They know how we struggle and compete to live and eat. They use these facts against us at every turn. We need to work together and brandish our arms, may they be

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