Friday, February 6, 2009


I found this at ... and I laughed and almost cried. This is the kind of revolution we should have. Undermining Government and creating comic relief, this is stress relieving, antiestablishment good times, people. I encourage to do the same anyway here it is

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Hackers are distracting motorists by hacking electronic road signs in some states as electronic road message boards meant to warn motorists of possible trouble are increasingly being hacked.
Pranksters are putting up words that may endanger and distract drivers from heeding legitimate hazards down the road saying 'zombies' or 'raptors ahead.' Just days earlier, a sign read, "NAZI ZOMBIES! RUN!!!" and "ZOMBIES IN AREA! RUN" flashed on electronic sign boards at a busy Austin intersection, just west of the University of Texas campus.
Last Monday, the electronic message on a sign in Carmel's construction zone at Indiana's Hamilton County, warned drivers of "RAPTORS AHEAD... CAUTION."
Another recent prank yesterday appeared when hackers changed a road sign along southbound Interstate 255 near this St. Louis that read, "DAILY LANE CLOSURES DUE TO ZOMBIES."
How exactly pranksters did these remains unclear; highway safety officials are not amused.
"We don't want (drivers) being distracted by a funny sign," appealed by Joe Gasaway an Illinois Department of Transportation supervisory field engineer.

Oh yeah I almost forgot here's a fun little new queer anarchist periodical I came across. It's the first issue so eat it up.

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